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Medical Advancement is the apt combination of Research, Analysis and Innovation.


Being one of the finest Drug Research Compnaies in the world, Drug Research aims to provide drugs to small and medium pharamcies and medical facilties for pre-clinical research trials or early clinical research. By means of of our advanced research facilties, we aim to provide the benefits of premium quality, advanced research to the Medical Community on the whole.

A Step above Present Diagnostic and Treatment-Related Drugs

Drug Research Workshop believes in taking a meticulous approach towards consistently improving the current effectiveness of drugs and medicines, by collaborating with the best Medical Researchers, Chemical Engineers and Scientists to create new benchmarks in the arena of Pharmaceautical Research.

Harnessing the Power of Biotechnology for Advancement in Drug Research

With sizeable number of years and exorbitant sums of money spent every year on medical research, Drug Research Scientists have started focussing their attention towards biotechnology, in order to understand the metabolism and internal functioning of the body cells. In fact, Biopharmaceautics is the talk of the day, and medical research facilties are simultaneously in the pursuit of understanding cell genomes and metabolism, as they are in the pursuit of chemical engineering tehniques for research, analysis and development of drugs.

 Hundred Percent Compliance to Auditory Regulations

  • Our team of Medical Research Experts at Drug Research Workshop pride themsleves on the fact that ours is the only Drug Research Company in the entire country that has always received a scorecard of 95 percent or above, during all routine as well as ad-hoc audits and checks conducted by both government funded as well as privately owned Auditing Agencies. 
  • Thousands of Pharmaceautical Companies and Medical Establishments across the world are dependent on our premium, research services. Be it providing detailed reports, right on time, or providing variations, ekkeping extensive notes, bringing down average test times or rational drug design, Drug Research Workshop is the one-stop destination for all Pharmacy and Drug Research related requirements.
  • Our Areas of Expertise include providing research assistance on pre-clinical and early clinical drugs, pertaining to the treatment of ailments like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia, Chronic Depression and other similar ailments. 
  • Our Comprehensive R&D Stretegies help Pharamaceautical Companies by saving on a considerable amount of time and money. Register with us to find out more about our highly efficient work process.

Meeting Deadlines and Budgets

When it comes to Medical Research, it is a common practice for Drug Researchers to exceed budgets and deadlines due to their internal restrictions, limited resources and other lapses. At Drug Research Workshop, we are well equiped with all the necessary resources and facilities to provide you with the best research assistance, with assured compliance with the predefined budget and deadline. 

Once we undertake an assignment, we provide you wth an exclusive single point contact for all your collaborations with us. We guarantee this to all our valued clients.

Research History in Mental Ailments

We have a very stroong research background in the researching of mental ailments and neurological disorders. Call our medical research experts to find out more.

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TestimonialsLogan Potts
Sky High Pharmaceauticals

I recently started outsourcing our drug research requirements to Drug Research Workshop. We are extremely pleased with their immaculate research procedures and timely reports. They focus on accuracy and providing updated results that exceed our expectations. 

TestimonialsElise Field
Hoyden Health Services

We have been liaising with Drug Research Workshop, for several long term research assignments over the past 10 years. They are extremely dedicated towards their duties, and focus on providing the best, most reliable and accurate medical research solutions.

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